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We love efficient office design and technology - especially people who facilitate these creative industries.

VRASQA is an all-round B2B search engine for manufacturers, interior designers, architects and clients can be inspired by travelling through our site and following various hashtags for products, projects and types of office styles.

VRASQA is motivated by the prospect of achieving special interconnected relationships. These include interior designers, architects and manufacturers, who can now more than ever develop stronger connections during project development.

As an Austrian-based company, we value originality and a sustainable development in close contact with our manufacturers and experts. VRASQA is, after all, driven by long-term satisfaction for all our stakeholders. For the future of office space, trust in VRASQA to accompany you.


Calculate the perfect acoustics for your space
No acousticians required


Use our 3D product configurator
Visualise it all with our unique AR-Link


Show the community your remarkable projects
Grow your client portfolio


Our inhouse developed sound analysis opens up huge new possibilities with exact room acoustic results for users. It calculates the optimal number of suitable products for every individual room.

The problem: poor room acoustics cause ineffectiveness, mental health issues and lowers profits. Until now, there were several steps needed to design the best office space possible with the right acoustic products - and mostly by an external acoustician with little assortment.

The solution: entrepreneurs and experts can visually display the perfect products for the ideal spaces. This can achieved by implementing our unique software that uses augmented reality to successfully picture results. Scroll down and find out more to see our 3D configurator.

How it works


Create a project

Create projects for each client on your dashboard. This allows you to store sound analysis results, configured products and much more.


Sound analysis

Type in the required data and our software does the rest. In the next step, you will see filtered products that perfectly match the space.


3D configurator

After you see the filtered products you can shop through our store. Every product can be modified in any imaginable variation.


Present and sell

Show the products via the AR-Link to your client with your mobile device. Sound Analysis, product configuration and visuals have never been so smooth.

3D Product Configurator
& Augmented Reality

Office design is now in your hands. It really is a completely new experience for every user.

Imagine a user is looking for a certain product. In most cases, there are numerous configuration possibilities - everybody knows this process is extremely time consuming and ineffective. We get rid of it!

With us, everyone can use the configurator to visualise every product in countless variations. Our high-quality AR-Link is just one click away.
You can place the products wherever you want.

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